About Our Company

Fitness being the primary goal of us like you, our founder, a former Navy SEAL officer, determined to disseminate what he had learned in his Navy days to the benefit of those civilian fitness enthusiasts, for whom fitness means everything in this world! Not only for the aspiring Navy SEALs but also for anybody aspiring to be, as fit and competent as one of them, we offer absolute, rigorous training programs as superior as the one offered by the actual Navy program.

These programs would benefit anybody who wants to attain physical and mental endurance either, as part of their demanding role, such as an athlete or due to their willingness towards fitness and hence, all those interested are welcomed to be a part of these wonderful training ways. Since the founder is an ex-Navy SEAL, he knows in and out of the actual training ways and the training procedures are carefully designed by him for the complete benefit of the pursuers.

Certainly, you all know how toughest is the Navy Seal Grinder training method and hence, we have divided the entire training method based on the difficulty level so that you can smoothly and yet, steadily attain the desired perfection.  The three levels of training, named as the beginners, average and the expert levels are based on their respective training goals and certain pre-requisites are essential for pursuing them.

You can either be a physical part of our dedicated training events or become a virtual member and get benefitted by following our online training tutorials as per your convenience. But, only after physically assessing your capabilities personally, we would be rewarding you with the certification, which is as proud and valuable as certified by an actual Navy Seal training program.

So, what are you waiting for? No matter what’s your fitness goals and expectations, if you are so determined to be competitively trained as an actual Navy SEAL, as a civilian your ultimate destination is our ‘Seal Grinder Fitness Institute’ where all your SEAL fitness dreams become the reality!