Seal Grinder Workout – An Intro

Attaining the ultimate goal of fitness could be accomplished through a number of methods of which this ‘Seal Grinder’ fitness method is a tough and yet, rewarding one absolutely. Based on the workout regimes pursued by the Navy commanders, it is often referred to as ‘The Navy Seal Physical Training’, encompassing all those strenuous moves and strict guidelines included in their curriculum. Therefore, it is one of those or ultimately, the best absolute workout method, where not only your body but also your mind benefits because a sound body is never appreciable without a sound and healthy mind.

The death of the great terrorist Osama Bin laden has benefitted the world evidently in two major ways; one is, of course, the dwindling of the terrorism and the other is getting to showcase the world the power of these seal-fit Navy commanders. Yes, almost half of the world was in awe for their ability to accomplish, what it was otherwise considered an ‘unachievable task’ and was overtly interested in learning about their fitness procedures.

Thus, today, the ‘Seal Grinder’ fitness procedure, termed as one of the toughest and yet, the best is not only suitable for the aspiring Navy SEALs but also to any civilian who would want to make the best and the most out of their fitness aspirations!

Seal Grinder – Why is it called so?

Most of us embrace physical workouts and rigorous training methods to either get into shape or maintain the physical shape of our body forever.

But, for the Navy SEALs, being fit is their lifestyle; they breathe fitness so that they are prepared physically and mentally to encounter any dangerous situations steadily and not just to be in shape.

Therefore, they undergo rigorous calisthenics in area what they call as ‘the grinder’, which is nothing but the asphalt parking area that consists of pull up bars, dip bars etc. and, also in where they perform a number of other physical training like the squats, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, prisoner walks and so on.

Such arduous training methods as pursued by the Navy SEALs on their workout area called ‘the grinder’ is known as the ‘Seal Grinder Workouts’ that aims at the complete physical and mental fitness of the trainer. In short, it is the total body-weight workout without the need of fancy gym equipment!

Can civilians pursue Navy Seal Grinder training methods

Almost more than half of the world has become fitness conscious these days, which is, certainly, an appreciable change. As simple as walking to as rigorous as calisthenics, according to one’s fitness goals and physical and mental capabilities the workout routine followed by the individuals vary drastically.



At the end, each one of them is bound to enjoy some benefits, depending on the amount of hard work they invest in attaining the fitness mantra.

To those fitness enthusiasts who wish to train badass like those of the Navy SEALs, their Seal Grinder physical training ways are the absolute must so that you are not only stronger physically but also tougher mentally. Therefore, as a civilian, if you are keen to pursue them to fortify your fitness level, then the following points have to be considered to attain the fullest benefits out of it.

  • Be prepared mentally
For anyone to qualify for the SEAL training program itself the following fitness requirements are a must.



Please be aware this is not the entire list but just a sample of what would be expected.

1.5 mile run in 9-11 minutes

70 push-ups in 2 minutes

10 pull-ups in 2 minutes

So, the sample would explain you clearly how tough could be your exercise regimes and hence, even though you are not aspiring to become an actual Navy SEAL, since your intention is to be as tough and durable as one, be prepared mentally to undergo the physical strain so that you could appreciate eventually what is it expected out of your physical training ways.

Set some goals

Start working out casually and as time progresses set some goals to attain a specific level in certain time period. For example, if your typical exercise routine consists of 5 sets of push-ups, 5 sets of abs exercises, 5 sets of squats, set a goal to surpass that level in a certain number of days so that you meet the tough requirements of a Navy SEAL.

Join a dedicated training program

If you are so serious about being seal-fit then, joining any of the reputed training programs that concentrate on Seal Grinder training ways could benefit you greatly. If not, you could also pursue the legitimate workout methods available in the internet world consistently and become as durable and as sharp as a Navy SEAL!